Stories of TRUST is an award-winning 10-part series about a perfect trifecta. The Public Trust Doctrine is a legal doctrine that traces back to Roman times and holds governments accountable to protect the resources we all share in common and depend upon for our very survival. The principle of inter-generational justice is enshrined in international human rights law and simply put, it means that the adults can't have a party on the planet and leave it a mess for our kids. Combine the Public Trust Doctrine with the principles of inter-generational justice and passionate youth who are fighting for their future in both the courts and on the streets, and we have the perfect trifecta. Why? Because youth across the country are bringing legal actions - based on trust - against the federal and state governments so we will all open our eyes and protect our atmosphere and our futures with smart strategies rooted in science



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Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery is a 10-part, award-winning, documentary series that tells the stories of 9 brave youth, who are currently adversely affected by climate change. This compilation piece - TRUST 350 - features the 9 youth profiled in the TRUST film series, who represent thousands of youth from across the country. These youth have come together to file legal actions against the federal and 50 state governments to compel our leaders to design and implement real climate-recovery plans. The personal stories of struggle and hope enlighten us to the real and present dangers of climate change, as well inspire us to join these daring youth on their quest to compel our governments to protect our atmosphere by holding it in trust for us and for future generations.

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery

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Climate change is one of the most pressing human rights issue of our times. Our youngest generations understand that their futures are at stake. Across the U.S., youth are taking legal action against all 50 states and the federal government for our leader's collective failure to protect the atmosphere for current and future generations. Their legal actions are based on our government's obligation to protect the resources we all share and depend upon for life -- our air and water. From the fires in the Rocky Mountains, to the droughts that ravaged the Midwest, to Hurricane Sandy, the effects of climate change are evident and urgent. We are inspired daily in our work with these youth activists. We hope you will be equally inspired and share these stories of TRUST with your communities.

TRUST Alaska

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Meet Nel­son Kanuk, a 17-year old who learned how cli­mate change was affect­ing his com­mu­nity and felt he could best help by shar­ing his story. In this 8-minute film, Nel­son explains that the main prob­lem fac­ing the north­ern parts of the world is that win­ter is com­ing later and later. This results in increased ero­sion due to per­mafrost melt, increased flood­ing due to warmer tem­per­a­tures, and inten­si­fied storms because the sea ice forms later in the sea­son and is unable to pro­vide a nat­ural bar­rier for our coastal com­mu­ni­ties. This, in turn, leads in the loss of homes, com­mu­ni­ties, cul­tures, and a way of life.

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TRUST Oregon

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TRUST Oregon features Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana, a 16-year-old from Eugene, who is passionate about preserving this beautiful Earth. Kelsey's identity is directly tied to the various elements of Oregon's biodiversity. She was born in a 1-room cabin in Fall Creek amidst the old-growth trees of the Cascades. She was named after Kelsey Creek - a crystal-clear river that flows out of an ancient forest grove, and Rose signifies the wild rose that grew abundantly near the cabin where she was born. Kelsey knows that she is not old enough to vote, but she has also learned that she can raise her voice by speaking out. Although it shouldn't be the responsibility of her generation to take on the burden of learning how to adapt in the face of global climate change, Kelsey knows that Mother Earth does not have the time to wait for politicians to debate about whether climate change will affect our future.

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TRUST Colorado

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Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is an 11-year-old boy from Boulder, Colorado. In this next film from the TRUST series, Xiuhtezcatl shares his story about why he joined youth from across the country to ask the courts to hear their lawsuit, Alec L., et al., v. Lisa P. Jackson, et al., which is based on one of the most fundamental principles of civilized society: TRUST. Xiuhtezcatl is asking that our atmosphere be protected, because he loves playing in Colorado’s mountains, forests, lakes, and streams and fears that the resources he most enjoys will not be there for his generation if we continue emitting carbon at current rates. Xiuhtezcatl shares, “The proof of climate change is everywhere I look. In my lifetime, the amount of forest killed by pine beetles has expanded. The number of acres burned has intensified. My generation is losing our forests. We are losing our homes. It’s not too late to ensure my generation has a livable future. But we need to listen to the science and act now.” Over a century ago, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized that our federal government has an absolute legal duty to protect our essential common natural resources – such as our air and our water - for present and future generations of Americans. Our youth are simply asking our third branch of government to compel our legislative and executive branches to do their jobs.

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TRUST Arizona


Jaime Lynn Butler is an 11-year old Navajo Artist from Northern Arizona. Follow her story as she tells about the ways climate change is affecting her and her family, and her fight to be heard. Watch and share Jaime's story, help us spread the word!

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TRUST Montana

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Meet John Thiebes, a 23-year old beginning farmer has set out to change the agricultural practices on a worn-out patch of prairie in the agricultural heart of Montana.


A Climate of TRUST

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In May 2011, a hatch of unprecedented legal actions took place across the United States - youth from around the country were taking their governments to court for failure to protect their atmosphere for future generations. The basis of their legal actions was the Public Trust Doctrine. "A Climate of TRUST" is a story about the scientists who developed the scientific prescriptions needed for a climate recovery plan, the attorney who figured out how to apply the Public Trust Doctrine to the atmosphere, and one of the attorneys who is supporting these youth in court. 
In order to preserve and restore our atmosphere, we need to return atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to 350 ppm, and in order to do that, we need massive reforestation and climate recovery plans. We need it NOW!

TRUST: The Climate Kids

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In 2014, a group of kids from Eugene, Oregon decided that they wanted to be the first city in the country to pass a Climate Recovery Ordinance that would commit their city to carbon neutrality. Through hard work and dedication, these kids were successful. Hopefully their work can inspire communities across the country to take similar action.