I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with some wonderful filmmakers on Indian Relay, a documentary produced by Charles Dye and Montana PBS. Through this experience, I was introduced to the amazing world of Indian Relay - a rip-roaring, thrill-seeking, dangerous but enthralling sport that many of the tribes up here in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho participate in. Instead of passing a baton between runnings, these athletes pass a rider between horses!! And it's all bare-back and at break-neck speeds! We met some amazing people who are passionate about maintaining cultural traditions. 

Indian Relay won "Best Cultural Documentary," with awards going to Charles Dye, producer; Pruitt, executive producer; Darren Kipp, co-producer; M.L. Smoker, writer; Katie Lose Gilbertson, editor; Andy Adkins, editor; and Jaime Jelenchick Jacobsen, field producer.

In addition, several of the cinematographers working on the film won Emmys for Cinematography! Awards went to: Danny Schmidt, Dawson Dunning, Rick Smith, Charles Dye, and myself.

Way to go Indian Relay Team!!